Release Notes

2.2.0 - 2020-11-07


  • Accomplishments added to Economy Profiles
  • Ability to toggle new systems on and off via >module <systemname> <on/off>
  • Random Tips activated in a channel by doing >module economy tips <#channel>
  • Get the latest COVID Stats around the world by using >covid [country]


  • New Infrastructure
  • Optimized Queries to make >binfo and >profile run faster
  • Fixed stats
  • Remove reaction emojis from Help menu for better performance
  • Hide modules that are turned off from the help menu
  • No longer auto-delete Help Menu

2.1.0 - 2020-10-11


  • >vote has been hooked up to and will reward users $750 every 12 hours for voting, and $1,500 on weekends
  • >slots with a $1,000 betting limit
  • >8ball has been added to ask life changing questions and to get an opinion
  • All of the commands have been added to >help and for specific examples you can now do >help <command> for usage and example information
  • We have added the available quantity to Inventory to show “0 out of 10 purchased"
  • Moderation Commands have been added and will be improved upon in future releases. These are the current commands:
    • >purge <number>
    • >kick <username>
    • >ban <username>


  • >boosts are now cheaper and more affordable
  • >weekly has been turned on for all users, however Support Boosters and Patreons get a boost:
    • User: $1,000
    • Support Booster: $1,250
    • Bartender you know: $1,500
    • Jukebox Hero: $1,750
    • VIP Bar Owner: $2,000
  • Increased >rolldice and >coinflip to $1,000 betting limit

2.0.0 - 2020-10-03


  • Server Support for the new BarBattles Discord Server
  • Rewrite Bot in Akairo and change the Schema Design for scale and reliability
  • Daily Quests - Three Daily Quests for Bar Owners to gain money
  • Finished Profile with Patreon and Daily Information included
  • Cooper Command - Random photos of Cooper
  • Administration Logging
  • Reaction based Help Menu
  • Tax System on the >give command
  • New Leaderboard Aliases >glb >slb >rlb


  • Prefix issue where roles could be tagged in prefix
  • Bank is Full messaging
  • Sort issues