Currency Commands



>balance [username]

View how much money you or someone else has

>buy <item> [quantity]

Buy items from the shop

>coinflip <heads/tails> <bet>

Bet money to flip a coins. If you win, you get 2x your bet!


Claim a reward every 24 hours

`>deposit <value


Deposit money from your wallet into your bank

>dice <1-6> <bet>

Bet money to roll a dice. Get 3x your bet if you win!

>give <username> <amount>

Give money to other users

>sell <item> [quantity]

Sell items from your inventory

>slots <bet>

The risk may be worth the reward. Try your luck at slots


Get free money


Vote for BarBattles on and get $


Claim a reward every week

`>withdraw <amount


Withdraw money from your bank into your wallet

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